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Our Background

Since 2000, Tucson sex workers have been making the world a safer place for those in the industry and the people who love them. Over twenty years ago we held our first annual Sex Worker Arts Festival - three days of workshops, panels, fun, and films!  Sex worker activists, authors, scholars, performance artists, poets, and filmmakers from around the world converged on Tucson to educate and entertain.

Sex workers have served as subject material for filmmakers since the dawn of cinema and continue to be trotted out for the non-sex worker gaze, often furthering stigma and dehumanization of our community with real the world consequences of  discrimination, violence and death. 

This year we are partnering with The Outlaw Project for three

 extraordinary days of films from the sex worker's gaze along with Q & As, performance and panel discussions.

With support from:
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