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Stripper sex worker small business owner founder of Artist Revolt, Onyx Black has been working at activism and advocacy since the early 2000s, from non-ptofits to BLM, to immigration, education and the environment. Artist revolt was founded in 2017 in response to the Trump administration. Currently artist revolt works on labor laws, and in particular a B5 working on having a more cohesive solution for marginalized strippers and sex workers here in California. Artist revolt is also working on campaigns of mutual aid, and also different events around other marginalized causes.

Onyx Black, performer/presentor


Danny Gold, reader

Holistic Companion, transmasc FSSW, Spiritual Coach, specializing in psychedelic medicine healing and addressing trauma through kink and sexuality.


Dharmakrishna  Mirza is an artist, scholar, health policy advocate/researcher, cultural health educator, harm reductionist and  a Distinguished Graduate Fellow at OSU pursuing a PhD in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Public Health . Dharma also serves as a tri-chair for Oregon Health Authority's Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council, and an appointee to the newly formed OR Dept. Of Education's Recovery School's Advisory Council.

Dharma Mirza, panelist 


Monica Beverly Hillz, perfomer

Monica DeJesus Anaya (MONICA BEVERLY HILLZ) is a trans activist, reality television star, and entertainment personality. Monica has a feminine, sensual and fiery spirit and has been featured on MTV’s “True Life,” AME TV’s “Limo Bob,” and in Miley Cyrus’ 2015 MTV Video Music Awards performance. She is best known as the first contestant to bravely share during the taping of Season 5 of VHI’s RuPaul’s Drag Race that she identifies as a transgender woman. Monica has became a spokesperson for the inclusion of trans women in the drag scene and the realities of what trans women of color experience in survival mode. Monica is personally committed to supporting queer and transgender youth, working with survivors of sexual exploitation and homelessness, and LGBTQ community empowerment projects.

ashley madness photo.jpeg

Ashley Madness is a sex worker organizer based in Los Angeles, CA. She helps SWOPLA, DecrimSWCA, Artists Revolt, & Sunday Faire LA build SWer power in LA, especially by helping with fundraising and policy work.

Ashley Madness

R. Rose Reza, panelist

R. Rose Reza (she/they/ella/elle/هي/هم) is a first-generation queer transsexual Latine/Arab femme archivist, grant writer, and historian. Rose holds two History M.A.s and is a current MLIS ( with one history publication to her name (“Producing Yeni Dünya for an Ottoman Readership: The travels of Ilyas bin Hanna Al-Mawsuli in Colonial Latin America, 1675-1683”) featured in Classen, Albrecht (ed.), East Meets West in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Transcultural Experiences in the Premodern World. (Series: Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture 14, 699-714. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2013). Rose centers antiracist and decolonial praxes in their work, with foci on sex work decriminalization, abolition of the carceral state, reproductive justice, media literacy, and trans liberation.

photo cv 2.JPG

Dr Ivana Radačić is a human rights academic and activist, with a wealth of experience in sex work research. She is based in Croatia, and is currently a Fulbright visiting fellow at the University of Arizona, where she is doing research and teaching on spiritual activism and human
rights; human rights defenders, trauma and self care. Ivana has completed a four-year training on body-oriented psycho-therapy, various tantra, consciouss dance and shamanic workshops, and she is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She has been leading Kundalini yoga classes, women's circles, and workshops, exploring in particular feminine archetypes.

Ivana Radačić

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